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Electrochemistry/potentiometry/kinetic facilities

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Metrohm Automated Titrators (716 DMS and 794 Basic)

  • Potentiometric measurements using combined glass micro-electrodes

Biologic rapid kinetics set

  • 3-syringe mixing system with possible pre-mixing and variation of injected volumes
  • Detection by photomultipliers (absorption and emission, Xenon lamp)
  • Absorption diode arrays (J & M Tidas) (190 nm-800 nm, D2 lamp and tungsten)

Applied Photophysics Fast Kinetics Kit (SX17MV and SX18MV)

  • Mixing system with 2 syringes
  • Detection by photomultipliers (absorption and emission)
  • Absorption diode arrays (300 nm-800 nm)

Electrochemical and potentiometric chain Voltalab MDE150 Polarograph (Radiometer Analytical)

  • Potentiometric measurements using combined glass micro-electrodes
  • Electrochemical measurements (cyclic voltammetry)

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