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T. Naret; J. Bignon; G. Bernadat; M. Benchekroun; H. Levaique; C. Lenoir; J. Dubois; A. Pruvost; F. Saller; D. Borgel; B. Manoury; V. Leblais; R. Darrigrand; S. Apcher; J.-D. Brion; E. Schmitt; F. R. Leroux; M. Alami; A. Hamze

A fluorine scan of a tubulin polymerization inhibitor isocombretastatin A-4: Design, synthesis, molecular modelling, and biological evaluation Journal Article

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2018, 143, 473 - 490.

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Y. Chevalier; Y. Lock Toy Ki; D. le Nouen; J.-P. Mahy; J.-P. Goddard; F. Avenier

Aerobic Baeyer–Villiger Oxidation Catalyzed by a Flavin-Containing Enzyme Mimic in Water Journal Article

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2018, 57, 16412-16415.

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S. Saint-Auret; A.-C. Chany; V. Casarotto; C. Tresse; L. Parmentier; H. Abdelkafi; N. Blanchard

Total Syntheses of Mycolactone A/B and its Analogues for the Exploration of the Biology of Buruli Ulcer Journal Article

Chimia 2017, 71, 836.

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E. Stempien; M.-L. Goddard; K. Wilhelm; C. Tarnus; C. Bertsch; J. Chong

Grapevine Botryosphaeria dieback fungi have specific aggressiveness factor repertory involved in wood decay and stilbene metabolization Journal Article

PLoS ONE 2017, 12,.

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P. Compain; D. Hazelard

Synthesis of Amine-Containing Heterocycles by Metathesis Reactions: Recent Advances and Opportunities Book Chapter

Springer, 2017, in Synthesis of heterocycles by Metathesis reactions - Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry.

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D. Hazelard; M. L. Lepage; J. P. Schneider; M. M. Pichon; F. Massicot; P. Compain

Large Scale Synthesis of 2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-Benzyl-1-Deoxynojirimycin Book Chapter

CRC press, 2017, in Carbohydrates Chemistry: Proven Synthetic Methods Vol. 4.

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P. Compain

Légo Moléculaire et Simplexité Book Chapter

CNRS Edition, 2017, in Simplexité et modèles opérationnels.

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J. Wencel-Delord; F. Colobert

Super-reactive catalyst for bond cleavage Journal Article

Nature 2017, 551, 447-448.

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G. Landelle; E. Schmitt; A. Panossian; J.-P. Vors; S. Pazenok; P. Jeschke; O. Gutbrod; F. R. Leroux

Tri- and difluoromethoxylated N-based heterocycles − Synthesis and insecticidal activity of novel F3CO- and F2HCO-analogues of Imidacloprid and Thiacloprid Journal Article

Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 2017, 203, 155-165.

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P. Vorburger; M. Lo; S. Choua; N. Oueslati; F. Melin; A. Trivella; C. Boudon; M. Elhabiri; J. A. Wytko; P. Hellwig; J. Weiss

A Question of Flexibility in Models of Cytochrome c Oxidase Journal Article

Inorganica Chimica Acta 2017, 468, 232-238.

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T. Prakasam; R. A. Bilbeisi; Roberto El-Khoury; L. J. Charbonnière; M. Elhabiri; G. Esposito; J.-C. Olsen; A. Trabolsi

Topological transformation of a trefoil knot into a [2]catenane Journal Article

Dalton Transactions 2017, 46, 16474-16479 .

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D. Hazelard; P.-A. Nocquet; P. Compain

Catalytic C–H amination at its limits: challenges and solutions Journal Article

Organic Chemistry Frontiers 2017, 4, 2500-2521.

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E. Schmitt; S. Bouvet; B. Pégot; A. Panossian; J.-P. Vors; S. Pazenok; E. Magnier; F. R. Leroux

Fluoroalkyl Amino Reagents for the Introduction of the Fluoro(trifluoromethoxy)methyl Group onto Arenes and Heterocycles Journal Article

Organic Letters 2017, 19, 4960–4963.

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S. Saint-Auret; H. Abdelkafi; D. Le Nouen; L. Guenin-Macé; C. Demangel; P. Bisseret; N. Blanchard

Modular total syntheses of mycolactone A/B and its [2H]-isotopologue Journal Article

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2017, 15, 7518-7522.

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S. Saint-Auret; H. Abdelkafi; D. Le Nouen; P. Bisseret; N. Blanchard

Synthetic strategies towards mycolactone A/B, an exotoxin secreted by Mycobacterium ulcerans Journal Article

Organic Chemistry Frontiers 2017, 4, 2380-2386.

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M. J. Chetcuti

Suzuki Miyaura Coupling Book Chapter

Thieme Publications, 2017, in Science of Synthesis: N-Heterocyclic Carbenes in Catalytic Organic Synthesis Vol. 1.

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N. Camus; N. Le Bris; S. Nuryyeva; M. Chessé; D. Esteban-Gómez; Carlos Platas-Iglesias; R. Tripier; M. Elhabiri

Tuning the Copper(II) Coordination Properties of Cyclam by Subtle Chemical Modifications Journal Article

Dalton Transactions 2017, 46, 11479-11490.

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L. Lavaud; Z. Chen; M. Elhabiri; D. Jacquemin; G. Canarda; O. Siri

Di- vs. tetra-substituted quinonediimines: a drastic effect on coordination chemistry Journal Article

Dalton Transactions 2017, 46, 12794-12803.

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G. Levitre; A. Dumoulin; P. Retailleau; A. Panossian; F. R. Leroux; G. Masson

Asymmetric α-Sulfonyl- and α-Phosphoryl-Oxylation of Ketones by a Chiral Hypervalent Iodine(III) Journal Article

Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017, 82, 11877–11883.

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F. R. Leroux; A. Panossian; D. Augros

Control of axial chirality in absence of transition metals based on arynes Journal Article

Comptes Rendus Chimie 2017, 20, 682-692.

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B. Commare; E. Schmitt; F. Aribi; A. Panossian; J.-P. Vors; S. Pazenok; F. R. Leroux

Fluoroalkyl Amino Reagents (FARs): A General Approach towards the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds Bearing Emergent Fluorinated Substituents Journal Article

Molecules 2017, 22, 977.

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M. Donnard; G. Duret; P. Bisseret; N. Blanchard

Intramolecular inverse electron-demand [4+2] cycloadditions of ynamidyl-tethered pyrimidines: Comparative studies in trifluorotoluene and sulfolane Journal Article

Comptes Rendus Chimie 2017, 20, 643-647.

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G. Della Sala; M. Sicignano; R. Schettini; F. De Riccardis; L. Cavallo; Y. Minenkov; C. Batisse; G. Hanquet; F. R. Leroux; I. Izzo

Switchable Diastereoselectivity in the Fluoride-Promoted Vinylogous Mukaiyama–Michael Reaction of 2-[(Trimethylsilyl)oxy]furan Catalyzed by Crown Ethers Journal Article

Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017, 82, 6629–6637.

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T. M. Nguyet Trinh; M. Holler; J. P. Schneider; M. I. Garcia-Moreno; J. M. Garcia Fernandez; A. Bodlenner; P. Compain; C. Ortiz Mellet; J.-F. Nierengarten

Construction of Giant Glycosidase Inhibitors from Iminosugar-Substituted Fullerene Macromonomers Journal Article

Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2017, 5, 6546-6556.

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F. Stauffert; J. Serra-Vinardell; M. Gomez-Grau; H. M. Akakis; I. Mavridou; D. Grinberg; L. Vilageliu; J. Casas; A. Bodlenner; A. Delgado; P. Compain

Stereodivergent synthesis of right- and left-handed iminoxylitol heterodimers and monomers. Study of their impact on β-glucocerebrosidase activity Journal Article

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2017, 15, 3681-3705.

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P. Sidorov; B. Viira; E. Davioud-Charvet; U. Maran; G. Marcou; D. Horvath; A. Varnek

QSAR modeling1. and chemical space analysis of antimalarial compounds Journal Article

Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 2017, 31, 441-451.

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D. Hazelard; P. Compain

Square Sugars: Challenges and Synthetic Strategies Journal Article

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2017, 15, 3806-3827.

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C. Santos; F. Stauffert; S. Ballereau; C. Dehoux. F. Rodriguez; A. Bodlenner; P. Compain; Y. Genisson

Iminosugar-based ceramide mimicry for the design of new CERT START domain ligands Journal Article

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2017, 25, 1984-1989.

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M. Henrion; B. de P. Cardoso; V. César; M. J. Chetcuti; V. Ritleng

Nickel(II) Complexes of Highly σ-Donating Cyclic (Alkyl)(Amino)- and Malonate-Carbenes: Syntheses and Catalytic Studies Journal Article

Organometallics 2017, 36, 1113-1121.

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G. Siciliano; T.R. Santha Kumar; R. Bona; G. Camarda; M. M. Calabretta; L. Cevenini; E. Davioud-Charvet; K. Becker; A. Cara; D. A. Fidock; P. Alano

A high susceptibility to redox imbalance of the transmissible stages of Plasmodium falciparum revealed with a luciferase-based mature gametocyte assay Journal Article

Molecular Microbiology 2017, 104, 306-318.

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L. Lefebvre; J. Kelber; L. Jierry; V. Ritleng; D. Edouard

Polydopamine-coated open cell polyurethane foam as an efficient and easy-to-regenerate soft structured catalytic support (S2CS) for the reduction of dye Journal Article

Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2017, 5, 79-85.

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D. Augros; B. Yalcouye; S. Choppin; M. Chessé; A. Panossian; F. R. Leroux

Transition-Metal-Free Synthesis of a Known Intermediate in the Formal Synthesis of (–)-Steganacin Journal Article

European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017, 2017, 497-503.

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K. Urgin; M. Jida; K. Ehrhardt; T. Müller; M. Lanzer; L. Maes; M. Elhabiri; E. Davioud-Charvet

Pharmacomodulation of the antimalarial plasmodione: synthesis of biaryl- and N-arylalkylamine analogues, antimalarial activities and physicochemical properties Journal Article

Molecules 2017, 22, 1-32.

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M. Jida; C. P. Sanchez; K. Urgin; K. Ehrhardt; S. Mounien; A. Geyer; M. Elhabiri; M. Lanzer; E. Davioud-Charvet

A Redox-Active Fluorescent pH Indicator for Detecting Plasmodium falciparum Strains with Reduced Responsiveness to Quinoline Antimalarial Drugs Journal Article

ACS Infectious Diseases 2017, 3, 119-131.

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G. Duret; R. Quinlan; B. Yin; R. E. Martin; P. Bisseret; M. Neuburger; V. Gandon; N. Blanchard

Intramolecular Inverse Electron-Demand [4+2] Cycloadditions of Ynamides with Pyrimidines: Scope and DFT Insights Journal Article

Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017, 82, 1726-1742.

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R. Krieg; E. Jortzik; A.-A. Goetz; S. Blandin; S. Wittlin; M. Elhabiri; M. Rahbari; S. Nuryyeva; K. Voigt; H.-M. Dahse; A. Brakhage; S. Beckmann; T. Quack; C. G. Grevelding; A. B. Pinkerton; B. Schönecker; J. Burrows; E. Davioud-Charvet; S. Rahlfs; K. Becker

Arylmethylamino steroids as novel antiparasitic agents Journal Article

Nature Communications 2017, 8, 14478.

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E Stempien; M -L Goddard; Y Leva; M Bénard-Gellon; H Laloue; S Farine; F Kieffer-Mazet; C Tarnus; C Bertsch; J Chong

Secreted proteins produced by fungi associated with Botryosphaeria dieback trigger distinct defense responses in Vitis vinifera and Vitis rupestris cells Journal Article

Protoplasma 2017, 1-16.

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I P Alonso; L Bounaadja; L Sánchez; L Rivera; C Tarnus; M Schmitt; G Garcia; L Diaz; A Hernandez-Zanuy; B Sánchez; I Florent

Aqueous extracts of marine invertebrates from Cuba coastline display neutral aminopeptidase inhibitory activities and effects on cancer cells and Plasmodium falciparum parasites Journal Article

Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources 2017, 8, 107-119.

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L Ronchi; A Ryzhikov; H Nouali; T J Daou; S Albrecht; J Patarin

Investigation of the energetic performance of pure silica BEC-type zeolite under high pressure water and 20 M LiCl intrusion-extrusion experiments Journal Article

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2017, 254, 153-159.

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L Bounaadja; M Schmitt; S Albrecht; E Mouray; C Tarnus; I Florent

Selective inhibition of PfA-M1, over PfA-M17, by an amino-benzosuberone derivative blocks malaria parasites development in vitro and in vivo Journal Article

Malaria Journal 2017, 16, 382.

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G Peng; A G McEwen; V Olieric; C Schmitt; S Albrecht; J Cavarelli; C Tarnus

Insight into the remarkable affinity and selectivity of the aminobenzosuberone scaffold for the M1 aminopeptidases family based on structure analysis Journal Article

Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics 2017, 85, 1413-1421.

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C Santiago; G Mudgal; J Reguera; R Recacha; S Albrecht; L Enjuanes; J M Casasnovas

Allosteric inhibition of aminopeptidase N functions related to tumor growth and virus infection Journal Article

Scientific Reports 2017, 7, 46045.

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J. Mohanraj; A. Barbieri; N. Armaroli; M. Vizuete; F. Langa; B. Delavaux-Nicot; M. Vartanian; J. Iehl; U. Hahn; J.-F. Nierengarten

Efficient Photoinduced Energy and Electron Transfer in ZnII–Porphyrin/Fullerene Dyads with Interchromophoric Distances up to 2.6 nm and No Wire-like Connectivity Journal Article

Chemistry A European Journal 2017, 23, 14200-14212.

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T. M. Nguyet Trinh; I. Nierengarten; H. Ben Aziza; E. Meichsner; M. Holler; M. Chessé; R. Abidi; C. Bijani; Y. Coppel; E. Maisonhaute; B. Delavaux-Nicot; J.-F. Nierengarten

Coordination-Driven Folding in Multi-ZnII-Porphyrin Arrays Constructed on a Pillar[5]arene Scaffold Journal Article

Chemistry A European Journal 2017, 23, 11011-11021.

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J.-F. Nierengarten

Fullerene hexa-adduct scaffolding for the construction of giant molecules Journal Article

Chemical communications 2017, 53, 11855-11868.

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C. Ortiz Mellet; J.-F. Nierengarten; J. M. Garcia Fernández

Multivalency as an action principle in multimodal lectin recognition and glycosidase inhibition: a paradigm shift driven by carbon-based glyconanomaterials Journal Article

Journal of Material Chemistry B 2017, 5, 6428-6436.

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J. Iehl; T. Le Anh Nguyen; S. Frein; U. Hahn; J. Barberá; J.-F. Nierengarten; R. Deschenaux

Designing liquid-crystalline dendronised hexa-adducts of [60]fullerene via click chemistry Journal Article

Liquid Crystals 2017, 44, 1852-1860.

Links | Tags: CMM


V. Kardelis; K. Li; I. Nierengarten; M. Holler; J.-F. Nierengarten; A. Adronov

Supramolecular Organogels Prepared from Pillar[5]arene-Functionalized Conjugated Polymers Journal Article

Macromolecules 2017, 50, 9144-9150.

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Oualid Boubertakh; Jean-Philippe Goddard

Construction and Functionalization of Heteroarenes by Use of Photoredox Catalysis Journal Article

European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017, 2017, 2072-2084.

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C. Tugny; O. Khaled; E. Derat; J.-P. Goddard; V. Mouries-Mansuy; L. Fensterbank

Gold(i)-catalyzed access to neomerane skeletons Journal Article

Organic Chemistry Frontiers 2017, 4, 1906-1916.

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P. B. Arockiam; L. Guillemard; J. Wencel-Delord

Regiodivergent Visible Light-Induced C–H Functionalization of Quinolines at C-5 and C-8 under Metal-, Photosensitizer- and Oxidant-Free Conditions Journal Article

Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 2017, 359, 2571-2579.

Links | Tags: SYNCAT


S. Jerhaoui; J.-P. Djukic; J. Wencel-Delord; F. Colobert

Stereoselective Sulfinyl Aniline-Promoted Pd-Catalyzed C−H Arylation and Acetoxylation of Aliphatic Amides Journal Article

Chemistry – A European Journal 2017, 23, 15594-15600.

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D. C. Kahraman; G. Hanquet; L. Jeanmart; S. Lanners; P. Sramel; A. Bohac; R. Cetin-Atalay

Quinoides and VEGFR2 TKIs influence the fate of hepatocellular carcinoma and its cancer stem cells Journal Article

MedChemComm 2017, 8, 81-87.

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L. Schiavo; L. Jeanmart; S. Lanners; S. Choppin; G. Hanquet

FeCl3.6H2O/acetaldehyde, a versatile system for the deprotection of ketals and acetals via a transacetalization process Journal Article

New Journal of Chemistry 2017, 41, 1421-1424.

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M. Murár; J. Dobiaš; P. Šramel; G. Addová; G. Hanquet; A. Boháč

Novel CLK1 inhibitors based on N-aryloxazol-2-amine skeleton - A possible way to dual VEGFR2 TK/CLK ligands Journal Article

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2017, 126, 754 - 761.

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E. Evain-Bana; L. Schiavo; C. Bour; D. A. Lanfranchi; S. Berardozzi; F. Ghirga; D. Bagrel; B. Botta; G. Hanquet; M. Mori

Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modeling studies on novel quinonoid inhibitors of CDC25 phosphatases Journal Article

Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry 2017, 32, 113-118.

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G. Duret; V. Le Fouler; P. Bisseret; V. Bizet; N. Blanchard

Diels–Alder and Formal Diels–Alder Cycloaddition Reactions of Ynamines and Ynamides Journal Article

European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017, 2017, 6816-6830.

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K. Tait; A. Horvath; N. Blanchard; W. Tam

Acid-catalyzed ring-opening reactions of a cyclopropanated 3-aza-2-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-ene with alcohols Journal Article

Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017, 13, 2888-2894.

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