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Hazelard, D.; Hensienne, R.; Behr, J-B; Compain, P.

Spiro Iminosugars: Structural Diversity and Synthetic Strategies Book Chapter

Springer International Publishing, 2020,.

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P. Compain

Multivalent Effect in Glycosidase Inhibition: The End of the Beginning Journal Article

The Chemical Record 2020, 20, 10-22.

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Castellan, T.; Santos, C.; Rodriguez, F.; Lepage, M. L.; Liang, Y.; Bodlenner, A.; Compain, P.; Génisson, Y.; Dehoux, C.; Ballereau, S.

N,O-Dialkyl deoxynojirimycin derivatives as CERT START domain ligands Journal Article

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2020, 30, 126796.

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Pichon, M.; Hazelard, D.; Compain, P.

Metal-Free Deoxygenation of α-Hydroxy Carbonyl Compounds and Beyond: Metal-Free Deoxygenation of α-Hydroxy Carbonyl Compounds and Beyond Journal Article

European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019, 2019, 6320-6332.

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Tardieu, D.; Desnoyers, M.; Laye, C.; Hazelard, D.; Kern, N.; Compain, P.

Stereoselective Synthesis of C,C-Glycosides from Exo-Glycals Enabled by Iron-Mediated Hydrogen Atom Transfer. Journal Article

Organic Letters 2019, 21, 7262-7267.

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M. Pichon; F. Stauffert; A. Bodlenner; P. Compain

Tight-binding Inhibition of Jack bean alpha-Mannosidase by Glycoimidazole Clusters Journal Article

Organic & biomolecular chemistry 2019, 17, 5801-5817 .

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R. Hensienne; D. Hazelard; P. Compain

Conformationally constrained fused bicyclic iminosugars: synthetic challenges and opportunities Journal Article

ARKIVOC 2019, Part IV, 4-43.

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C. Baudoin-Dehoux; T. Castellan; F. Rodriguez; A. Rives; F. Stauffert; V. Garcia; T. Levade; P. Compain; Y. Génisson

Selective Targeting of the Interconversion between Glucosylceramide and Ceramide by Scaffold Tailoring of Iminosugar Inhibitors Journal Article

Molecules 2019, 24, 354.

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M. Malinowski; R. Hensienne; N. Kern; D. Tardieu; A. Bodlenner; D. Hazelard; P. Compain

Stereocontrolled synthesis of polyhydroxylated bicyclic azetidines as a new class of iminosugars Journal Article

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2018, 16, 4688-4700.

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D. Tardieu; M. F. Céspedes Dávila; D. Hazelard; P. Compain

An Expeditious Synthesis of 1-Thiotrehalose Journal Article

Synthesis 2018, 50, 3927-3930.

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P. Compain

Glycomimetics: Design, Synthesis, and Therapeutic Applications Journal Article

Molecules 2018, 23, 1658.

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E. Howard; A. Cousido-Siah; M. Lepage; J. Schneider; A. Bodlenner; A. Mitschler; A. Meli; I. Izzo; A. Alvarez; A. Podjarny; P. Compain

Structural Basis of Outstanding Multivalent Effects in Jack Bean α-Mannosidase Inhibition Journal Article

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2018, 57, 8002-8006.

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J-F Nierengarten; J-P Schneider; T. M. N. Trinh; A. Joosten; M. Holler; M. L. Lepage; A. Bodlenner; I. Garcia-Moreno; C. Ortiz Mellet; P. Compain

Giant glycosidase inhibitors: first- and second-generation fullerodendrimers with a dense iminosugar shell. Journal Article

Chemistry a European Journal 2018, 24, 2483-2492.

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Maria F Céspedes Dávila; Jérémy P Schneider; Amélie Godard; Damien Hazelard; Philippe Compain

One-Pot, Highly Stereoselective Synthesis of Dithioacetal-α,α-Diglycosides Journal Article

Molecules 2018, 23, 914.

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Maeva M Pichon; Fabien Stauffert; Luis G Addante-Moya; Anne Bodlenner; Philippe Compain

Metal-Free Iodine-Mediated Deoxygenation of Alcohols in the Position to Electron-Withdrawing Groups Journal Article

European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018, 1538-1545.

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P. Compain; D. Hazelard

Synthesis of Amine-Containing Heterocycles by Metathesis Reactions: Recent Advances and Opportunities Book Chapter

Springer, 2017, in Synthesis of heterocycles by Metathesis reactions - Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry.

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D. Hazelard; M. L. Lepage; J. P. Schneider; M. M. Pichon; F. Massicot; P. Compain

Large Scale Synthesis of 2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-Benzyl-1-Deoxynojirimycin Book Chapter

CRC press, 2017, in Carbohydrates Chemistry: Proven Synthetic Methods Vol. 4.

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P. Compain

Légo Moléculaire et Simplexité Book Chapter

CNRS Edition, 2017, in Simplexité et modèles opérationnels.

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D. Hazelard; P.-A. Nocquet; P. Compain

Catalytic C–H amination at its limits: challenges and solutions Journal Article

Organic Chemistry Frontiers 2017, 4, 2500-2521.

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T. M. Nguyet Trinh; M. Holler; J. P. Schneider; M. I. Garcia-Moreno; J. M. Garcia Fernandez; A. Bodlenner; P. Compain; C. Ortiz Mellet; J.-F. Nierengarten

Construction of Giant Glycosidase Inhibitors from Iminosugar-Substituted Fullerene Macromonomers Journal Article

Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2017, 5, 6546-6556.

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F. Stauffert; J. Serra-Vinardell; M. Gomez-Grau; H. M. Akakis; I. Mavridou; D. Grinberg; L. Vilageliu; J. Casas; A. Bodlenner; A. Delgado; P. Compain

Stereodivergent synthesis of right- and left-handed iminoxylitol heterodimers and monomers. Study of their impact on β-glucocerebrosidase activity Journal Article

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2017, 15, 3681-3705.

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D. Hazelard; P. Compain

Square Sugars: Challenges and Synthetic Strategies Journal Article

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2017, 15, 3806-3827.

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C. Santos; F. Stauffert; S. Ballereau; C. Dehoux. F. Rodriguez; A. Bodlenner; P. Compain; Y. Genisson

Iminosugar-based ceramide mimicry for the design of new CERT START domain ligands Journal Article

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2017, 25, 1984-1989.

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