Biomolécules, Synthèse & Méthodologie

The “Biomolecules, synthesis and methodology” (BSM) team of the “Laboratoire d’Innovation Moléculaire et Applications” (LIMA, Unistra-UHA-CNRS) focuses on 2 research areas with an emphasis on new concepts of reactions having applications in natural product chemistry, life- or material sciences.

  • In a first area of research, we develop synthetic methods based on cycloaddition reactions, metal-catalyzed cross-couplings (with a special focus on copper) and hydroelementation of heterosubstituted alkynes, allowing a straightforward preparation of heterocyclic synthons of interest for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.
  • The second area of research is centered on natural products. This area is sub-divided in two themes, the first one deals with the total synthesis of mycolactone A/B, a polyketidic natural product of importance in a mycobacterial disease, Buruli ulcer. The second theme aims at the identification, analysis and applications of natural products.
  1. Methods in organic synthesis

The development of new methods in organic synthesis is a crucial endeavor that covers several fields of investigations that ultimately will lead to innovative solutions able to meet the expectations of our advanced societies. Based on the unique reactivity of N-substituted alkynes, we are developing two research sub-areas allowing the creation of original heterocyclic scaffolds under mild conditions. The first one is based on metal-catalyzed functionalization of ynamides and the second area aims at the synthesis of new nitrogen-containing heterocycles in various inverse electron-demand Diels-Alder cycloadditions.

  1. Natural products chemistry

In Theme 1, we focus on the total synthesis of natural products relevant to a mycobacterial infection. In collaboration with the Institut Pasteur of Paris, we have developed a research program that aims at understanding of the mechanism of mycolactone-induced immune suppression, that will ultimately advance our understanding of the dialogue between the cytoskeleton of immune cells and their effector functions. Since 2006, our team has been involved in the multi-step synthesis of the exotoxin of M. ulcerans, mycolactone A/B, as well as their analogues. Current work focuses on the efficient synthesis of new generations of mycolactone analogues using methods from the research area 1. In theme 2, we have an interest in the identification, analysis and applications of natural products

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