Chimie Organométallique Appliquée

The research activities of the COA team are focused on the organometallic chemistry of 3d metals (in particular nickel) and catalysis using complexes or metal nanoparticles functionalized by N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligands in homogeneous or heterogeneous conditions. These topics are developed by integrating the most recent evolutions of the organometallic catalysis and aim at addressing various contemporary challenges such as the activation of C–H, B–H and Si–H bonds, atom economic reactions (hydrofonctionnalisation, hydrogenation…), bifunctional catalysis (Ni-NHC-Y) and catalyst re-use strategies through the use of catalytic supports which can be organized at the molecular scale like the COFs and lead to new reactivities, or structured at the macroscopic scale like polyurethane open-cell foams in a view of intensifying catalytic processes. Because of this positioning at the interface between molecular and particles catalyses, in homogeneous and heterogeneous conditions, our team collaborate with groups specialized in surface chemistry, materials and heterogeneous catalysis from ICPEES (UMR 7515, Unistra) and ICS (UPR 022 CNRS), or in chemical engineering from LAGEPP (UMR 5007, Univ. Lyon I). The COA team regularly proposes projects which can lead to the emergence of innovative themes like the one recently funded by USIAS that aims at stabilizing nickel nanoparticles using NHC ligands with appended olefinic arms for applications in hydrogenation and reductive amination under inductive heating.

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