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The philosophy of the group is to develop new synthetic tools in organic chemistry for applications in both public research and industry.
The COHA group focuses on 3 main research axes:
1/ Heterochemistry
In this axis, we synthesize fluorinated building blocks for pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications, nitrogen- and silicon-based heterocycles, phosphorus-, boron- and silicon-based building blocks for synthesis or catalysis.
2/ Synthetic methods and catalysis
We focus our efforts on new synthetic tools for organic chemists based on polar organometallics, transition metal catalysts, organocatalysts, cascade reactions, etc.
3/ Control of chirality
The control of stereochemistry is at the heart of most of our projects, especially central and axial chirality.
These three research axes are interconnected, since methods that are developed in a specific axis are often used in others and our projects can be linked to one or more of the 3 research axes. For the most recent news about our research, follow us on Twitter or on our personal pages.
In addition, a joint laboratory (LCR C2OF) between the CNRS, Bayer and the University of Strasbourg has been created in May 2014. It’s research focuses on organofluorine chemistry. In the current context of world population growth (estimated to reach 9 billions in 2050), the pressure on agricultural resources increases tremendously, and crop protection becomes a major challenge to ensure global food supply. The aim of LCR is to discover new molecules of interest, notably agrochemical and therapeutic, thanks to the introduction of emerging fluorinated groups in chemical compounds. The introduction of fluorinated groups in chemical compounds represents a major challenge for the discovery of new molecules of interest in Life Sciences.

Our research has already led to new processes, some of which are now used in industrial fungicide synthesison a per-ton scale. For example, one of them was selected by industrial chemists to elegantly and efficiently introduce a difluoromethyl group (CHF2), highly prized in medicinal chemistry and agrochemistry.

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