Chimie Radicalaire, Hétérocyclique & Interfaces

The research activity of the Radical, Heterocyclic Chemistry and Interfaces team follows two main axes related to organic synthesis and its applications.

Radical Chemistry and Photoredox Catalysis:
Our efforts are focused on the development of new methodologies for the generation of free radicals based on environmentally friendly and sustainable pathways. We have been concerned for many years with the development of different aspects of SET processes with light for synthetic applications. Biomimetic organic synthesis is also developed by the team for radical and ionic transformations with artificial enzymatic catalyst.

Organic Chromophores:
We study new chromophores as photoacids or for non-linear quadratic optics. Specific aromatic compounds are applied to doped materials in the fields of optical electronics but also to the transport and processing of information. The photoacid aspect of these compounds is studied to confine photoreaction in submicron volumes, to control and spatially direct the photo-generated acid gradient, with a shorter writing time.

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