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The Laboratory for Molecular Innovation and Applications (LIMA), created on January 1, 2018, is a tritutelle and bisite unit of the University of Strasbourg, the University of Haute-Alsace and the CNRS. The laboratory is backed by two engineering schools: the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials (ECPM) in Strasbourg and the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse (ENSCMu).

LIMA is a multi-disciplinary research unit dedicated to innovation in molecular chemistry, from both fundamental and applied perspectives, with a particular focus on collaborations with industry. LIMA is also committed to being part of the Grand-Est regional network. LIMA is organized around 3 main areas of research: Synthesis Methods and Catalysis, Bioactive Molecules: Medicinal and Phytosanitary Chemistry and, finally, Complex Matter: Self-assemblies, Materials and Modeling.

The laboratory employs around 100 people (researchers and teacher-researchers, technical and administrative staff, doctoral and post-doctoral students, associate researchers and trainees) and is structured into 11 thematic scientific teams (7 in Strasbourg and 4 in Mulhouse). These are complemented by large-scale, state-of-the-art analytical platforms dedicated to molecular chemistry and biochemistry, a physical chemistry platform to elucidate the mechanisms of biological action and chemical reactions, and a biochemistry platform. The aim of all LIMA's platforms and technical facilities is to provide analytical services for academic researchers on the Cronenbourg campus (Université de Strasbourg and CNRS) and at the Université de Haute-Alsace. These facilities are constantly evolving to foster partnerships with local industry and provide the best possible response to their needs.

The laboratory's teacher-researchers and researchers play an active role in the creation, development and operation of teaching programs at the two engineering schools (ECPM & ENSCMu), the Université de Strasbourg and the Université de Haute-Alsace. Teaching in chemistry faculties or at ECPM and ENSCMu, our employees provide top-level training to shape the chemical leaders of tomorrow.

Wishing you a pleasant visit

Frédéric Leroux


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